Procedure for setting up kiln


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1.Level the ground 2.Set the ALC boad flat and level
(Lower part insulation)
3.Place the kiln on the ALC boad

4.20cm space between the front concrete block 5.Autoclaved Light concrete boards
on side also
6.Xomplete kiln with chimney attached

7.Precautions against rain 8.Long ALC boaada and ceramic
blancket 1300℃
Temperature measurement
(Model FT-50 Anritsu Co.)
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Photos for fixing one kiln in place wiwth pipes.
1.Before leveling thye ground. 2.Ground is Leveled. 3.ALC is placed flat.
4.Soil is Leveled around the ALC
board too.
5.Set heavy blocks and kiln in place. 6.ALC board is fixed in place with
7.Surroun the kiln with ALC boards,
fix in place with sticks.
8.Stack 3 blocks on each side of
the chimny.
9.Attack the 18 Liter(5gallon) can.
10.Put in insulation soil-biomass
11.How to pack kiln bamboo.
12.How to pack kiln bamboo.
(Pack cans with bamboo vertically)
12.A total photograph. 13.Thermometry in one place. 14.Thermometry in three places.
The details of the thermometry

Making charcoal kiln if the charcoal was, thank you a report of doneness.