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Use the Iwasaki charcoal-making kiln to
make charcoal from forest thinnings.
Spread charcoal in fields and mountains and
take part in improving the environment.
Charcoal will save our Earth from acid rain
and acidic soil.

The Iwasaki charcoal kiln is made from two steel drum cans.
Since high temperature is used, it takes a very short time to make the charcoal.
Wood (diameter<5cm) charcoal takes less than 5 hours to make.
Bamboo charcoal takes less than 3 hours to make.
This charcoal-making kiln can make be used to make charcoal from corn cobs,
sunflower stems, wheat husks or straw, coffee husks,Coconut husk,plants or flower petals.
The maximum temperature achieved was 1222 degrees C (use a ceramic blanket).
The fastest time to make charcoal was less than 120 minutes.
The standard temperature of the charcoal kiln is 850 -1000 degrees C.
It becomes the reduction of the carbon dioxide to bury charcoal.
become the reduction of the carbon dioxide of 3.66kg when bury charcoal of 1kg.

C=12. O=16. CO2=12+16×2=44.   CO2/C=3.66Kg=3.5Kg
(The charcoal includes carbon more than 90%.)
When carbon 1,000kg convert it into carbon dioxide, It become 3,500kg.
It becomes the reduction of the carbon dioxide to use a large quantity
of charcoal as a neutralizer and becomes the object of the business of the eco right.

Corn cobs, sunflower stems, Coconut husk,petals or other biomass are crushed into fine chips and mixed
with soil in a 50-50 ratio (50% soil, 50% biomass) to insulate the kiln.
Same effect to the insulation material in the small dry soil of the field.
To achieve high temperature, Autoclaved Lightweight Concrete (ALC) and ceramic soil
is used in Japan.
Can use a brick and a stone in substitution for ALC.
Make the made charcoal powder and use paste of the starch
and the resin of the tree and round and harden it.
Then a save becomes simple.

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Protect our Earth from global warming with charcoal. Charcoal is alkaline,
so by burying charcoal in the soil, acidic soil can be neutralized.
It is our duty to protect our fields and mountains from acid rain.
Acid rains is borne from burning petroleum and coal.
Theincreasing number ofareas whereoakwiltandbeech andbambooin the world.
Sulfurousgaseswhichreactwith oxygenandsulfur in theburning offossilfuels.
Thissulfur dioxidereacts withsulfuric acidis createdin the airand rainwater.
Acidification oflandfellto the groundwith thesulfuric acidrain.
Some of the soiliron and aluminumallyl.
Whichreacts with liquid sulfuric acid and aluminumin thesoil,theseiron.
Tree sand plants soak the roots to aluminum sulfate or iron sulfate, along with phosphate.
The tree sare made ​​of components of bitter tannins to prevent the body from harmful
insect seaten
Tannins that protects wood from insect pest sand alters the protein enters the pests
in the tree
This is the findings of Dr. Oomori Teiko.

There are various methods to get safe water.
However, it is the fact that there is not a method to obtain cheaply.
If steam made adds charcoal with oneself, there should be an active carbon.
I aim at the free offer of the plan of the charcoal kiln for production of this active carbon.
The production of the active carbon of the bamboo succeeded by a drum charcoal kiln.

Ratio surface area 1438m2/g.(03/Aug/2011 bamboo)

(The targeted value is 1500m2/g)
Can now put to practical use specific surface area of over 1100 m2 / g
throughout the experiments of activated carbon.
The latest experimental results
1245 m2 / g cedar
1421 m2 / g cypress
1438 m2 / g Bamboo
30 L / 1.5 H (800-850℃)

When the shell is fired at 900 ° C or higher for 10 minutes or longer, it changes to lime.
I am a study of the production method of activated carbon using the development and charcoal kiln design and manufacturing technology of charcoal kiln using the drums.
I do the carbonization process by collecting the world of plants, it has taken its plant in the electron micrograph. Find and we are shooting a hole between the cells from the shooting and the conduit and the phloem of the cut surface.
University of Tokyo Faculty of Agriculture of the research students.
MASATO Iwasaki

(It is in a fine fix. Meaning unknown words, please understand somehow.)

Charcol Making Kiln IM-4(old type)
Kiln that looks behind is the initial type.

Charcol Making Kiln IM-15 new type
Anti-reinforcement measure type IM-11 super

Active Carbon Kiln Old type Heat exchanger
Evaporation part High temputure steam
Coming soon New type IM-15E Feb /2014
New kiln for the production of activated carbon has been completed, I am tested. Dec/2013-Jan/2014
Production of activated carbon is difficult.
The production of activated carbon, you need about one year to two year after.
The announcement can not be more manufacturing
data of activated carbon is not indefinite manufacturing

Produce new activated carbon production kilns.
This is an improved version of the kite presented at this year's conference.
It will be completed by September.

Added SEM of activated carbon.(*50000)

Photo Active seder *50000 643m2/g 02/Aug /2020
Sem photo Active Carbon this

The evaporation of the water pipes for the production of activated carbon.
The photo above is the combustion chamber.
The photo below is a carbon chamber.
Not current. The experiment is a way.

How to make full-scale charcoal Making.
Time to burn the charcoal becomes more than 20 hours from five hours.
I am equal to or less than 180 degrees Celsius and keep temperature of the carbonization department more than 15 hours.
The combustion department puts a large quantity of firewood and puts on fire.
If total firewood gets fire, I make an entrance less than 2cm corner and perform temperature control.
If 20 hours passed away since 15, I perform normal charcoal making.

Cherry flower(kanzakura) (13/Feb/2013)

Adonis flower

daffodils flower

The autumn of Japan will be the color of autumn leaves.

sjhell Oyster Lily shellfish clams 19 DEc 2020

Scallop powdered lime
Baking temperature 950 ℃ 20min pH 11.3

Last update 24 /Mar / 2022 (JST)   カウンター

Japanese horseradish flower Gunma pre.Japan
Eutrema japonicum
24/ Mar / 2022 Richo GXR+P10

Arakurayama Fuji-Sengen-Jinja Park
Mt Fuji & The five-storied pagoda
Fuji Yashida city Yamanashi pre.
photo data 1/Jan/ 2018 First Sunrise
Richo GXR+P10

Fixed the overlapping of electron microscope photograph

The shells were placed in the lower part of the charcoal kiln and fired. The shells were heated at a temperature of 900 ° C. or higher for 20 minutes or longer to become lime.

Shell Lime pH 9.8-12.3
When the shell is fired at 900 ° C or higher for 10 minutes or longer, it changes to lime.
I got New Domain for charcol kiln.
Change book-mark to this page

Modify how to make charcoal kiln IM-14 to 18
For information on the changes.
Improved the problem of
the link.(download data) repaire
Distillation apparatusfor the production ofvinegar.(New)
Publishedmaterial andhow to makepiecemeal.

Please look at the iwasaki type charcoalkilns that
have been uploaded to youtube.
←THis page
Charcoalkilnis the initialtype, butthere is ade scription
of charcoal descriptions and charcoalkiln
Next photo for the SEM of failure is scheduled
to be performed from mid-May.
Cross section of a wood SEM (*150) 800℃
Sem phot
24 /Mar /2022 Add data new!
Plant classification 1101(1093)
Data 181 Family
Not searchable6

Is being deleted duplicate

SEM photo Passionflower 320*240*256 gray

Cesium contamination spread of pollutants in the nuclear power plant accident.
Charcoal is available to prevent contamination.
Charcoal powder can adsorb cesium from nuclear power plants.
Potassium is a nutrient plant material to absorb enough potassium and cesium it.
The charcoal is charcoal spray and get a positive result of 200-300 Kg per 1 ares because it
contains a lot of potassium.

To neutralize acidic soil in the hills and fields scatter charcoal from the Iwasaki-type charcoal-making kiln.

Mini Rule
A cup of tea or coffee would be greatly appreciated
when I make a visit to a kiln.

Iwasaki high speed charcoal -making kiln
newspaper reporter

Going on these days cedar and hardwood defoliation.
This is cause for inhibiting the generation of tannic acid rain.
This is the findings of Dr. Oomori Teiko.

The ill Japanese black pine of most famous IzumoTaisha Shrine by acid rain recovered by
addition of charcoal in Japan.Wikipedia

India Tamil nado made a charcoal kiln and succeeded.
It is the person of the organic farm.
The thing which can be carbonized has a coconut, corn, a sunflower and etc.
Strengthen it in starch paste with charcoal as powder and dry it.
Hydrogen reacts powder charcoal for a chemical hand and thinks that the liquid fuel is possible.

The production of the active carbon of the bamboo succeeded by a drum charcoal kiln.
Ratio surface area 856m2/g.
Cedar ratio area 994.6m2/g.18/Dec/2008
bamboo ratio area 970m2/g 16/Feb/2011
Cedar ratio area 1116.4m2/g.03/Mar/2011
bamboo ratio area 1438m2/g 03/Aug/2011
Cedar ratio area 1245m2/g.03/Aug/2011
Activated carbon of cedar sawdust
 906m2/g (20l/1H) 850-900℃ 20/Jan/2015

22/03/2019 new type charcoalkiln Activetype
836m2/g 17l/30min 850℃-1050℃
first time

1245 m2 / g cedar
1421 m2 / g cypress
1438 m2 / g Bamboo

30L/1.5H  800-850℃

Steel pipe Setting in the Drum .
Use materials are sawdust of the cedars.
It jetted it to the charcoal of the cedar with steam
as 850-950 degrees Celsius.
The water used 9L for one hour.
I announced it in a society of June 12. in kyoto city.
details on about June 20. pdf file (Japanese)

I made a charcoal kiln in the mountain.

  Charcoal Saves The Earth!
Acid soil is neutralized by the alkalinity
of the charcoal.
Bamboo charcoal, wood charcoal, and other types of charcoal have various characteristics. Charcoal is a good countermeasure against current environment al problems. It is a way to fix carbon and reduce carbon dioxide.

About the uses for bamboo, bamboo charcoal and bamboo vinegar.(or wood vinegar)
The basic story about charcoal
About the history and culture of charcoal
Excerpt from Dr. Teiko Omori’s thesis on charcoal and acid rain
pH measurement in mountain village

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Gate of Old Ashikaga University (replica)
Ashikaga University was the first university in Japan.
It is about 1000 years old.
Ashikaga City is about 100 km north of Tokyo. It is about one hour by train from Tokyo (Tobu limited express t

Can put materials of inside length of drum when
make two charcoal kilns from four drums.
Two oxidation potassium in charcoal dissolve it
when put the thing which made a plant charcoal
in neutralize it. In addition,there is two calcium oxide
which do not dissolve in water in charcoal and
neutrlizes it when an acid material enters in charcoal.

Education Manual for PDF files.
JW-WIN CAD mini data (IM-4 and10)
(JAPANESE ONLY to download page)

Jw-Win cad is famous free 2D cad soft in Japan
(standard Cad Soft)

How to use charcoal-making kiln to pdf downloadpage
(english/Japanese common manual)
Charcoal made at high temperature can generate electricity.

The difference can come from aluminum foil and charcoal and salt water to the battery of the charcoal

Making flower charcoal

Learning about charcoal

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    Let's spread charcoal hills
       and fields

Making charcoal Kiln temperature-curb table

How to make a high-speed charcoal kiln[E]
[J/E] New photo
Setting up the charcoal making[E]
It is the part of the technical article of the drum-type charcoal kiln.[EJ}

The contents of the experiment

   Experiment using charcoal English version
    1.Easy Battery made from charcoal [J]
     charcoal and alminume and solt
    2.Edison Lump made from bamboo
     charcoal.  100W light bulb
    3.Electric microscope: see charcoal [J E]
     SEM photo 1101 data 181 family New up
      Active Carbon Sem photo 3 data

    4.Radio made use bumboo diode--[J]
     research bulletin
    5.Easy way to make flower charcoal [J]
     beatiful flower charcoal
    6.Bumboo chsarcoal with Chime-- [J]
     try making music
    7.Measure Low Ph--Ota kanayama [J]
     2004 research bulletin
    8.Delete fog by Gas Burrner[J]
     2006 research bulletin
    9.Distillation apparatus for the            production of vinegar.(New)
    Fuel battery for bumboo charcorl
    Generater for high air temperture
    Carbon-mic made from charcoal
    Maiking Active carbon use charcoal kiln[J]
      (A study bulletin pdf file)
    any place make charcorl-making kiln

Photo test delete fog in Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture
Charcoal-maker type IM-10 super
Max temperature 1100 degrees C

New Up load
SEM photo ceder active carbon
making charcoal kiln pdf file. Completion rate 90%

[J] Japanese only
[E] English and Japanese

A change point
flower photo
I announce the study of the production of the active carbon in a society.12/Jun am.11
The 7th Annual Meeting of the Wood Carbonization Reserch Society in Kyoto Japan.
11/Jun to 12/Jun Kyoto kokusai koryuukaikan.

Education TV JAPAN[J]
Japan Sciens Television(JST)[J]
Sciense channel (science battele)[J]
Car-race by charcol-battery
The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Making Iwasaki charcosal kiln
Magazin "Gendai-Nougyou"(Modern Agricultures)
Published by Noubunkyou
2004 Dec pp. 222-226

Down load PDF files(Sorry Japanese only)
and JW-WIN CAD data (IM-4 and IM-10)

JW-WIN japanese famouse free Cad soft
maiking charcoal kiln pdf Completion rate 95% !
The crust of the coconut is carbonized, too
and can use it.
I succeeded in the production of the active carbon in a charcoal kiln.
The temperature of the charcoal kiln was temperature from 800 degrees Celsius to 900 degrees Celsius.
I poured nine water in one hour and made activation.
The result was lowest, and the best was ratio surface area of 14284m2/g at 850m2/g.

 ◎ Iwasaki High speed charcpoal kiln Recommended by Sumiyaki Association ("Sumiyaki no kai") menbers
Dr.Sadakichi Kishimoto,Sumiyaki Association president and JICA and Dr.Omori Teiko,Toho University

Ginji Sugiura International Charcoal Cooperative Association

   It has recommendation from many        environmental groups and the Japan
   Charcoal society and others

Photo with Dr Kishimoto(deceasedDecember 2002)
  Winterkill by the acid rain of the pine of Oga
  Peninsula. photo 21/Jun/2008

Used school in Japan
Gunma pre. kiryuu City Miyamaen
         kurohoneTown Elementary school
         Oomama Town Central Elementary school
         Oota city Morita Junior High school
         Isesaki shounen ikusei Center
         Ota Toumou shounen Shizen no Ie(house)

Tochigi prefecture.
      Ashikaga Insitute of Technorogy
      A synthetic Research Center
      Our High School Ootsuki Town
      Kanuma MinamiOshihara Junior High school
      Kanuma Nishi Junior High school
      Imaichi Shounen Nature School(1018℃)

      Kurobane town Junior high school
Tokyo : Tachikawa Nishi Sunakawa Elementary school
Fukaya Ayumi sagyousho(MEC)
       Okazaki ity Zemanchou Elementary School
Location of Workshop or learning charcoal
Gunma Prefecuture.
     Midori City kasakake.Town kiryuu-Seikan
     Ikao Spa Ikoi-no-mori
     Kiryuu City Hishi Town Mr Shimoyama
     Niisato Town Mr Satou (self made)
     Minakami NPO Minakam Sshizen Yuugaku
     Oura Town Eimeigi Temple
     Fujimi Village Akagi, Mr. Nomura
     Midori.City Azuma.Town, Warabe Koubou
Tochigi Prefecture.
     Inakaland sigiuchi Nasushiobara City
     Utsunomiya City Kenshou Co..ltd
     eader of the charcoal-making kiln
     Utsunomiya Green Trust
     Kuzuu Town,Mr Genba
     Kokkoland Nasu Familly Camp
     Chorinji Temple Yamagawa T. Ashikaga
Gifu Prefecture.
     Okazaki City Education org
Nagano Prefecture
     Mimaki JA
Ibaraki Prefecture.
Crystal Palace Hotel
     Konuma Ibaraki Sumiyakinokai
     Oume City Mitake-san Sanrakusou
     (MItake Shrine Near Tokyo)
Kanagawa Prefecture Yokohama City Kanagawa "Tansoukai"

    (Iwasaki made standard 2 long type 1)
Shizuoka prefecture Kawane Town Sumiyaki-no-kai
Ehime Prefecture Matsuyama City NPO Eco life Mugenmura
Ishikawa Prefecture Kanazawa City Mitani
(Iwasaki made)
The place(Country) that was introduced
America ,Hawaii,Austraria,Indonesia,China,Spain,Swiss

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